It is possible to fish in the fjord close by the cabin. It has a lot of fish! A boat with a motor is included when you rent a cabin from us. The boat is 15 feet and has 15 horse power. At the small private marina, there is an indoor and outdoor area, with fresh runing water, where you can prepare the fish you catch.


The Atlantic Ocean water park  in Kristiansund: Atlanterhavsbadet:

You’ll find a water activity park in Kristiansund. It has been voted the 4th best waterpark in the country. Click here for more information

You can also find a waterpark in Molde!


The Aquarium: Atlanterhavsparken in Ålesund:

At Tueneset in Ålesund, there is one of the largest salt water aquariums in northern Europe. It is one of the most popular attractions in the north western part of Norway. Here you can observe, up close, the different fish that can be found along the Norwegian coast. This picture shows a scubadiver feeding the fish. Click here for more information



Trollstigen is the most unique and beautiful road in the country. This road leads you to the heart of Romsdalen and is surrounded by tall mountains, and waterfalls. There is a good view of Åndalsnes and Isterdalen from the top of Trollstigen. The road also leads you to Geiranger which has fantastic mountains and waterfalls. Click here for more information


The river Tressa:

The river Tressa, which is 17 km from the cabin, offers a great river for fly-fishing for salmon and trout.